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3 Pebbles Training & Consulting is a boutique social enterprise, with associates across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, that provides innovative project services to clients working in quality skills development, leadership and cross cultural training.

Our Values

Innovation, social impact and people’s impassioned will are the values that characterise our work.

We are obsessed with starting. Innovation and breakthrough thinking is the hallmark of our dynamic processes. More than just capturing your ideas on the white board, clients value our ability to engage through challenging thinking and bringing fresh insights to the table. Be prepared to be ignited, get your creative juices flowing and enter a creativity zone where our broad suite of tools that we have developed ensures a dynamic, fit-for-purpose solutions that delivers relevant, aligned outcomes!

We are committed to creating social impact. We have a strong vision to create, change, inspire and grow. We look at every project, big or small, with a fresh perspective in the spirit of social entrepreneurship and collaboration culture. Our integrated and holistic, evidence-based approach always focuses on key drivers of value and social impact as the starting point.

We combine People, Processes and Purpose to the alignment of rational, emotional and spiritual intelligences in all our undertakings to support commitment and high performance. We do this happily and successfully in a deliberate practice by an integration of Intuition and Strategy. Strong metric orientations are utilised along with the application of business mindfulness that enables clients to determine progress and assess successful outcomes.

We nurture people’s impassioned will. We are here to guide purposeful, transformative, positive change that truly matters to build deep intelligence in following people’s passions and personal development. In our dynamic training solutions services, we apply action learning and proven knowledge-retention techniques to ensure that the learning experience is fun, creative, highly effective and memorable journey. These mechanisms will lead to the elusive “Aha!” moments of transformative learning. We do this happily by a new paradigm to accommodate the different learning styles to stimulate and engage the ‘physical body’, the ‘emotional body’, ‘mental body’ and ‘spiritual self.’

Kathy Lang

Our Philosophy

3 Pebbles is inspired by the philosophy that discovering and casting your impassioned, ‘enlightened will’ creates rippling effects that can deeply impact the lives of people around you.

Imagine if your impassioned will was a pebble that you could cast into the water of those lives around you.

Cast your pebble into a puddle and it only creates those close by.

Cast your pebble into a pond and the ripples spread further afield.

Cast your pebble into an ocean and your influence can be global.

Where will you cast your pebble?

How far will the ripples spread?

Wherever you are is the entry point. Jump in…and let your good deeds ripple out. We invite you to participate in creating the pathways to a better future. Say hello to find out more on how you can Cast your Inspired ActionsTell us in 30 words or less how you will make an impact and we’ll even send you a unique pebble from around the world to cast.

Our Mission

We are defined by purpose.

At 3 Pebbles, our mission is simple, and we achieve it throughout Australia and around the world every single day, by empowering Individuals, Communities and Organisations to achieve socially responsive and impactful outcomes through inspired learning.

Our motto, ‘Casting-Inspired-Actions’, holds this thought true by working symbiotically with ‘PLUMS’ (People Like yoU and Me) from all types of organisations, to collaboratively build partnerships and inspire visionaries to fulfill this philosophy.

Are you a PLUM?

Contact us and empower others to create ripples of positive influence.

Our Founder

Kathy Lang – Founder & Principal Consultant

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” -Bill Drayton (Ashoka Founder)

Kathy’s true passion is connecting people to bring ideas into projects and actions, to ignite team spirit and to establish collaborations of what she calls “PLUMS” (People-Like-You-and-Me) in the spirit of social entrepreneurship. Kathy works with visionaries who like to reinvent the status quo to project areas of professional development, leadership and cross-cultural management in all pockets of the world.

Kathy began her career in sales and marketing, and executive recruitment where she came to understand the “DNA” the real world demands for in their prospective hires. Kathy’s unique background after graduating from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Microbiology and Philosophy, a distinctive combination of the Arts & Sciences, enable her to unite the ‘how’ to think and ‘what’ to think disciplines which are highly sought skills that are more applicable to the real world, today. She also holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and is recognised as a scholarship recipient to the Global Leadership Program in Boston, USA.

With passion and an entrepreneurial mindset, her career journey of borderless horizons lead her to exciting professional undertakings with a broad range of technical and business management skills developed in a range of a subsidiary, corporate and project functions. Her highlights and involvements includes volunteering in the aftermath of the September 11 Tragedy in New York, the MIT $50K Global Start-up Workshop, Promoting Women & Leadership Forum for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, acting as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development and hosting groups of Fortune 500 dignitaries at the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympics.

Kathy feels very fortunate that her vocation and avocation have merged into a career that has taken her all over the world. For over 10 years, she has served in a number of diverse positions in various industries including advertising, banking, entertainment and leisure, sports, publishing, Education and international development. Since 2006, Kathy has been dedicated to her passion in enhancing people’s ability to thrive in unfamiliar cultures through her research, program design, teaching, training and consulting in Western Europe and South East Asia. Kathy is known for the way she balances intellectual rigour with a passion for practical outcomes that make a measurable difference to leaders and their organisations.

Outside Australia, Kathy has worked and consulted in China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the United States of America. She is also a qualified and highly experienced facilitator with several finalist categories nominations for Innovative Training Awards at Swinburne University and Learning & Teaching Award at Central Queensland University.

Kathy is also recognised as an Ian Potter scholar for the Asialink Leaders program and is an affiliate member of the Institute of Management Consultant and an alumni of the Northeastern University, Melbourne University, Swinburne University, and a member of Young Scientists of Australia, the National Science Youth Forum, Australasian Biotechnology Association and Australian and New Zealand Advancement Association of Science.

When she is not lecturing in business management, she likes to feed her spirit in cooking, meditating, adventure seeking and is a memory athlete.

Kathy Lang
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Kathy seamlessly combines a keen intellect with boundless enthusiasm to create ripples in people’s lives. Kathy’s training sessions equipped me with the right tools for finding a job, marketing myself/or any organisation that I am representing, elevator pitch and networking. These sessions also enabled me to see things from a different perspective and gave me a sense of self awareness and rejuvenated my potential.

Remya Remash, Master of Computer Science (Security in Computing), RMIT University

Kathy’s ability to capture the attention of all the students in such a spontaneous way and constantly get the students to feel the need to be part of the learning process is unbelievable! She makes teaching and mentoring look easy!

Matteo Rubbettino, Master of Arts Management, RMIT University

Kathy is talented, enthusiastic, intelligent, goal-oriented, dynamic, friendly and energetic, who has continuously amazed me with her contagious positive energy, exciting projects and networks. She had taught me many tools not only to enhance my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, but also strategies to success in life.

Garry Kuan, 2012 CISA International Student of the Year, Malaysia, PhD in Sports Psychology, Victoria University

Kathy has a strong knowledge about leadership and working in cross cultural context. During the workshops, she inspired each participant by her commitments, enthusiasm, and fun activities. Every workshop is professionally well-prepared, and every participant has a chance to talk and discuss their ideas as well as getting the feedback from Kathy

Tuan Cuong Bui, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Swinburne University

Kathy exudes a charm and energy that are evident in her all her work. I am convinced that she never sleeps as she is constantly creating new, exciting projects and networks. Not only is she brilliant professionally, she is also highly original, passionate and fascinating, as a colleague and as a friend.

Gary Lee, International Student & Youth Project Officer, City of Melbourne
Kathy’s contribution to the 2007 International Career Conference was outstanding. Before and after her breakout session at the conference, Kathy spent time with attendees, answered questions and demonstrated her deep knowledge of her subject area. Kathy radiates an energy and enthusiasm that is as dignified as it is inspiring.
Craig Hodges, International Careers Conference Coordinator
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