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We offer a wide range of Training & Consulting Services aimed at ensuring our clients receive the best advice related to achieving business value and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our areas of expertise


We provide professional advice, using a 360 degrees approach that acknowledges and then effectively tackles organisational complexity. We take on an integrated and holistic approach as we have seen over time that this delivers the greatest benefit to our clients and with more robust outcomes.


We work closely with clients and their people to determine the best way forward. Our wide practical and commercial experience, underpinned by solid academic track-records, ensures that we are not simply consultants capturing your ideas on a white-board! Clients value our ability to engage through challenging thinking and bringing fresh insights to the table.


We have a powerful combination of content and instructional design expertise, which result in highly engaging, relevant programs that work to close competency gaps and lift performance.

We provide maximum return on training investment by ensuring that the learning is stimulating, exciting, measurable and continuous.

Our programs are tailored for your needs and desired outcomes.

Our clients

We have worked with an extensive array of organisations including City of Melbourne, Ducere Global Business School, Melbourne University, Michael Page International (Chile), University of Danang-University of Queensland English Language Institute (UD-UQ ELI), Holmesglen Institute, Ashton College, Intersections International, Salvation Army (New York), and ANZ.

University of Melbourne
City of Melbourne
Salvation Army


Kathy seamlessly combines a keen intellect with boundless enthusiasm to create ripples in people’s lives. Kathy’s training sessions equipped me with the right tools for finding a job, marketing myself/or any organisation that I am representing, elevator pitch and networking. These sessions also enabled me to see things from a different perspective and gave me a sense of self awareness and rejuvenated my potential.

Remya Remash, Master of Computer Science (Security in Computing), RMIT University

Kathy’s ability to capture the attention of all the students in such a spontaneous way and constantly get the students to feel the need to be part of the learning process is unbelievable! She makes teaching and mentoring look easy!

Matteo Rubbettino, Master of Arts Management, RMIT University

Kathy is talented, enthusiastic, intelligent, goal-oriented, dynamic, friendly and energetic, who has continuously amazed me with her contagious positive energy, exciting projects and networks. She had taught me many tools not only to enhance my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, but also strategies to success in life.

Garry Kuan, 2012 CISA International Student of the Year, Malaysia, PhD in Sports Psychology, Victoria University

Kathy has a strong knowledge about leadership and working in cross cultural context. During the workshops, she inspired each participant by her commitments, enthusiasm, and fun activities. Every workshop is professionally well-prepared, and every participant has a chance to talk and discuss their ideas as well as getting the feedback from Kathy

Tuan Cuong Bui, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Swinburne University

Kathy exudes a charm and energy that are evident in her all her work. I am convinced that she never sleeps as she is constantly creating new, exciting projects and networks. Not only is she brilliant professionally, she is also highly original, passionate and fascinating, as a colleague and as a friend.

Gary Lee, International Student & Youth Project Officer, City of Melbourne
Kathy’s contribution to the 2007 International Career Conference was outstanding. Before and after her breakout session at the conference, Kathy spent time with attendees, answered questions and demonstrated her deep knowledge of her subject area. Kathy radiates an energy and enthusiasm that is as dignified as it is inspiring.
Craig Hodges, International Careers Conference Coordinator
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