Pocket Full of Pebbles

Hello Kindred Spirit.

Let me tell you a story about these pebbles.

It started with a passion. I invited ‘PLUMS’ (People like you and Me) to share me of their dreams of changing the world over treasured cups of beverages with friends and connecting-together moments.

Through the philosophy of 3 pebbles, a strong belief that making the biggest impact through ripple effects was the best way to making a difference. The pebbles were to become symbolic of the first step to casting those inspired actions.

Then I travelled to far places to source the personalised pebbles of different shapes, sizes; in some of the most interesting places on earth. Through my travels, I also invited PLUMS to source the pebbles from their regions of the world with the intention to pass the pebbles to those whose desire is to give back to the world to act on their heart and enlightened will to making an impact.

These pebbles are personal, each pebble tells its story; from spiritual leaders to foresight thinkers including crystalline pebbles sent from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Canada, to the granite pebbles from Googleplex (the home of Google HQ) in Mountain view California.

These are conversation moments I cherish; they helped inspired this collection of pebbles which I hope will be passed on to you to start your inspired actions, and to keep you company during your important moments to making a difference.

Now, the pebble is yours to claim. I invite you to participate in creating the pathways to a better future; just write to me to share how you will make an impact and I’ll even send you a unique pebble to cast!

It’s only pebbles I know, but small things can make a difference and I hope that all the care that the person whom carefully selected these pebbles, and my team have given this pebble make a difference to your day.

I also would love to hear from you: your letters remind me of why I do this. Please do write to me at kathy@3pebbles.org.

Warmest wishes,


Kathy Lang

About The Author

Kathy Lang

Kathy Lang is a highly sought-after Consultant and Project Manager, Educator and Presenter. Kathy has four degrees in Science (Microbiology, History, Philosophy & Science), Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, and Certificate in Training & Assessment in the Workplace.